AFLSE Washington, DC:  LSE Global Networking Night










Tuesday, May 14, 2024
6:00 until 8:00 pm


The Admiral

1 Dupont Circle, NW

Washington, DC  20036


This one day event series is an opportunity to bring LSE's dynamic alumni community together to share career advice, make connections with each other and build up their networks.


Please RSVP for this event on the left as soon as possible.  Space is limited for this event.  When you RSVP, please leave your Organization and Job Title in addition to required fields.


Contact the Washington, DC Chapter at with any questions.


Attending this event at this location is your choice.  Please do not attend an event if you have a fever or feel unwell, or if you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone with Covid-19.

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6:00PM - 8:00PM Tue 14 May 2024, Eastern timezone


The Admiral
1 Dupont Circle, NW
Washington, DC 20036

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Look Who's Coming:

Michael Pompeo
Neal Gupta
Daniel Berman
  Select Committee on Strategic Competition with the CCP, Majo
Anne Lieber
Stanley Kober
Alisha Parikh
  Management sciences for health
Mohamad Nassar
  International Monetary Fund
Dimitris Tsarouhas
  Virginia Tech
jacqueline siffer
  Browning Environmental
Gregory Aftandilian
  American University
David Clark
Eytan Toledo
  Eurovision Americas Inc.
Lizzie Irwin
  Center for Humane Technology
Maria Rodriguez
  Embassy of Mexico
Abraham Bashir
  Johns Hopkins
Harshita Agrawal
  The World Bank
Kathryn Neal
Robert Ryan
  First Tryon Advisors
AlJohara Al-Jefairi
Steve Miller
  World Bank
Siddharth Ramalingam
Eveline Smeets
  World Bank
Salem Abraha
Sarah Mancoll
Aarathi Paramesh Menon
Kaitlyn Ewing
  FGS Global
Kalindi Winfield
Andy Phillips
Magali Yance
Dunia Dickey
Aleeza Asghar
  Acquis Cortico-X
Zachary Crilley
Juliette Raskauskas
  Population Services International
Leyla Akin
  Veridata Insights
Vladimir Nessler
Meaghan Clohessy
  State Department
Brooke Stroud
Helly Mehta
  World Bank
Yang Heppe
  The Federal Reserve Board
Karilina Pleva
Julia Magalhaes
Max Kluger
Michelle Byamugisha
Chandra Roxanne
Olina Banerji
  Education Week
Meredith MacKenzie de Silva
  Roosevelt Institute
Eric Merron
  U.S. Department of State
Eshan Ghasi
Kevin Biggs
Ben Stephan
Kara Rowland
  Mental Health America
Alyson Manning
  Department of State
Adrian Fossaceca
  World Bank Group
Taylor Dorn
Alex Havekost
Christie Burley
Olivia Otts
  Tech Coalition
Olga Kalashnikova
Julia Prager-Hessel
  US House of Representatives
Scott Pedowitz
Trisha Lucero
Alexandra Dobre
  Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Lewis Wilkins
Zachary Meisel
Jessica Benton Cooney
Priyani Malik
  World Bank
Armando Armas
  Miranda Global Consulting
Lara Abiona
Filipa Serpa
Amanda Smith
Isabela Linares Uscher
  Oxford University
Clara Montanez
  Oppenheimer & c
Janel Forsythe
  Campaign Legal Center
Maggie Okhuysen
Amanda Russo
Julie Masal
  Department of the Interior
Jackson Hurley
  Voters of Tomorrow
Luis Benitez
Kelly Van Husen
  Global Communities
Gregory Garramone
  State Department
Leila Youssef
thomas white
  Holdfast Advisors LLC
Jens Flanding
Will Downs
Amina Mirza
Shraddha Suresh
  World Bank
Michael Kunz
Florencia Savoca Truzzo
  Inter-American Development Bank
Saidel Mayar
Joseph Scafidi
  World Bank
Vivienne Wu
Klicia Oliveira Wilson
  Cais Consulting
Mark Schapiro
  U.S. Department of State
Andrew Drozhilov
Leah Sloman
Gabrielle Henoch
... a total of 122 guests.
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