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In Memoriam: William J. Baumol

(26 February 1922 – 4 May 2017)
A founder of the AFLSE. He will be greatly...

LSE North American Networking Night - 2017

LSE Networking Night was a great success! Here are some photos from the...

In Memoriam: David Rockefeller

(12 June 1915 - 20 March 2017)
The AFLSE notes with sadness the passing of David Rockefeller, who studied at the LSE and was an early and strong supporter of the ALFSE in the 1970s....

A Message to Alumni from Dame Shirley Pearce, LSE Chair of Court and Council

It’s a great privilege to be joining LSE as Chair of Court and Council and I am very grateful indeed for the warmth of the welcome I have...
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