Information for Prospective Students


The AFLSE has prepared the following web pages in an effort to answer many of the questions prospective students considering study at the LSE. We have made every effort to keep the information and links current but make no guarantees.


Each summer prior to the beginning of the academic year, the AFLSE holds a series of Destination LSE parties around the country.  Please check for the location and dates of these events to which incoming students and their families are invited.

It is most important that you make your visa arrangements as early as possible so that you do not experience any last minute issues. For more information on current visa requirements please follow this link.

Please send any feedback on these web pages to the AFLSE administrator at


Web site of the Alumni & Friends of the LSE in the United States

British Council
Section for students considering studying in the UK
Complete national and international education, culture, and arts network

Council for International Education
Additional UK educational resources

International Students’ House
International Students House is a charity dedicated to British and International Students in London. It provides a vibrant student centre based in zone one that is used by thousands of students that attend one of the many universities that are part of our International Partnership Scheme and over 600 residents that are housed in the affordable accommodation that is offered.

International Student/Study in the UK

Study UK resource is intended to help you learn more about studying in the UK as an international student, and includes sections on choosing the UK as a destination, choosing a location within the UK, learning more about the country, its history and culture, and adapting to life in your adopted country.

Traveling and Living in the United Kingdom


New arrivals website

LSE Country website
The LSE organizes its web pages according to new student arrivals and provides additional information on its Country website; on a per Country website. This is important information as it relates to LSE resources in London, nationally, and internationally.

Visit London
6th Floor
2 More River Flat,
London SE1 2RR

British Hotel Reservations Centre


LSE web site

LSE students union

International Students House
Email for information at

London Hostels Directory
There are thousands of hostels in London. You want to find the safest and the best.



Work permits

Voluntary worker

Please see Embassy and Host Country website for part-time and full-time work permits.


Cost of Living Guide in the United Kingdom

The Just Landed Guide is designed to help you deal with the day-to-day challenges of living, working or studying in the United Kingdom.

LSE web site “setting up a bank account in the UK”


Travel Insurance

Property Insurance
LSE web site

Cost of living guide
Complete costing for undergraduate or graduate degrees, including living costs and extras. This is an excellent planning website.


LSE web site “health information for new students”

Health information for travelers to the United Kingdom


Most museums have e-mail notifications for events and exhibitions.
Museum and concert Hall websites provide a complete social agenda in the Arts
in London simply by signing up and participating. The ‘ Friends ‘ programs at Museums; notably the Royal Academy of Arts; provide a complete guide to exhibitions, as do most Museums in Arts London.
The London Times, the Guardian, and the BBC have exceptional introductory Arts London websites and web links.

The City of London is noted for public works of art in all locations of London. The City of London Corporation has details.


University of London
Students’ Union at the University of London

University of London Societies ( Recognized )

Student social events at University of London Union. Newsletters, meetings, societies, and clubs. Complete social events schedule per school, with traditional University of London myth and lore.


LSE Maps
best practices map site including ordnance maps of most UK places, whether City or rural.

A-Z Map guide to London
This is what the taxi drivers use. Be prepared to locate any mews in the City of London.

News sources UK:


LSE Students Union - sports

Sports and activities


Hostels and student travel.

British Hotel Reservations Centre.

Travel Insurance.
Search ‘google‘

Information for student travel in Europe.

International Students Card.
Search “google“ to obtain correct card per student’s choice.

International Students’ Card
travel and complete student discount services

32,000 student discounts; for teachers, students, and youth travel discounts.

Europass – “The Eurail Pass“

Car rentals.
Search car rentals under “google“


Easy Jet



LSE web page “how to renew your student visa”

British Consul Website