The AFLSE Scholarship for 2023-2024, covering tuition costs for a year of graduate study at LSE, has been awarded to Harpreet Chohan.

Harpreet Chohan graduated summa cum laude from Dickinson College, earning a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and Economics. During his undergraduate studies, he worked as a Research Assistant studying the political, economic and social wellbeing of British South Asian migrants. After graduating, Harpreet worked as an intern for the US Department of Transportation where he aided municipalities and states with grant applications. Harpreet has a history of community work and organizing. He has volunteered for several organizations, from his local Gurdwara (or Sikh temple) to the American Red Cross. He was President of his college’s Democratic Party where he organized, oversaw  and participated in grassroots campaigns. He was a member of his college’s Sunrise Movement chapter where he helped organize demonstrations and got in touch with local leaders to promote climate stability and social justice.



At LSE, Harpreet will pursue a Master’s of Science in Comparative Politics and Conflict Studies. He has a profound interest in the similarities countries share in political movements, electoral outcomes and both the implementation and consequences of policy. He hopes to become involved in professional politics in the future utilizing the knowledge he will gain from this course to advise politicians and political parties as well as help craft policy so as to help create a more just and prosperous world.  


Harpreet is greatly honored to be awarded the AFLSE Scholarship, and is very happy to now be a part of the AFLSE community.


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