ACCESS: Long-Term Care Insurance Program

Through a special arrangement with LTCR, AFLSE members have group access to long-term care insurance not available to the general public.

Most of us recognize the prudence of including life, property, liability, and health insurance as parts of our financial portfolio.  Have you considered what impact a prolonged illness requiring long-term care would have on your family's finances?  Recent studies indicate that many Americans believe that they have long-term care coverage when, in fact, they do not.

Obviously, the necessity of long-term care planning is an individual decision.  However, consider this economic reality... without LTC coverage, your plan--by default--is to pay for the monumental cost of prolonged care out of pocket. 

Beyond securing a special arrangement with Long Term Care Resources for group access to its insurance program, AFLSE believes that information is an invaluable resource to our members.  To receive a risk-management kit on long-term care without cost or obligation,

call 1 800 616-8759, mention the AFLSE program, and request your information kit.

This group program is offered to AFLSE members through LTCR, 15200 East Jefferson, Suite 108, Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan 48230.