LSE Alumnus and AFLSE Member Launches and Invites Alumni to Join

If you have studied or graduated from LSE, are presently an AFLSE member and active in politics directly or indirectly (e.g. think tank) then consider joining a networking forum for politicos.

There's a brand-new social networking Web site these days but this one is invite-only and targeted to those in the world of politics. LSE alumnus and AFLSE member Amir Oveissi officially launched DistrictFile in September 2008 and describes the online forum as a social site for politicos. All this without the distractions of sites such as Facebook. In short it’s a way for people to network with others within their profession. Even internationally. The end goal is to turn DistrictFile into something like the ‘U.N. of social networking’ says Oveissi. The site is non-partisan whatsoever.

The majority of members hold graduate degrees and over 20% have studied at LSE in the past. The latter is due to Oveissi’s ongoing relationship with LSE alumni. Among current DistrictFile members are a US Congressman, a CEO of a major private military firm, several former Capitol Hill Chief of Staffs, the Chief Operating Officer of one of the major presidential candidates, think tank directors and politicos from over 20 countries. The State Department, United Nations, Cato Institute, are just a few of the many organizations represented on DistrictFile.

It is important to stress that membership is not strictly limited to those working in the political arena. Individuals within the business world can also be included, should they have a strong interest, or be active, in politics. Of course, they will need to receive an invite.

Given its very recent launch and invite-only membership policy, DistrictFile aims to cultivate controlled growth with regards to membership. The site receives dozens of requests daily from individuals who ask about joining the site. However, the aim is to bring on individuals that the DistrictFile network would benefit from – that, is mostly individuals within a particular field and with a desire to network with similarly-minded people. An individual can only be invited onto DistrictFile via an existing member. What’s more, not all members have invite privileges.

The site, of course, has a social element to it. There is a section called ‘DF Magazine’, which includes member interviews and coverage of events (e.g. Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC cocktail). There is a forum for general discussion where members can debate and discuss varying topics and issues. There is a social connector, which is a tool that facilitates networking for members within geographical proximity. DistrictFile also plans to make additional upgrades and add more functionality in the coming months.

Given that the site is in its infancy, the need to bring on high quality and calibre members is critical. And because many LSE alumni have both the background and work experience to qualify them as potential members, DistrictFile would like to invite interested individuals to join DistrictFile.

Those individuals interested should send an e-mail with a few lines explaining what professional experience they have and in what capacity they are involved in politics to