AFLSE membership supports the LSE community in the U.S. and helps us offer scholarships for students like Anastasia Plotnikova.anastasiaplotnikova

When Anastasia Plotnikova was 14, she traveled to Mariupol, Ukraine, to serve drug-addicted children living on the streets. Although she was a child herself, she felt an instinctive call to help others.  Last month, Anastasia started her studies at the LSE. She wants to use her MSc in Development Management to work in corporate social responsibility. And she is able to achieve this goal as the 2017 recipient of the AFLSE’s annual scholarship.

Each year, the AFLSE pays tuition costs for one American citizen or permanent resident of the United States to fund one year of graduate study. Each scholarship recipient is chosen from a pool of accepted students that the LSE deems as having high financial need. Without this scholarship, most recipients can’t accept their offers. As a registered 501(c)(3), the AFLSE relies on membership. Your annual dues support our activities and services for the LSE community in the U.S. and help us offer scholarships for students like Anastasia. 

If you’ve graduated from LSE within the last five years, your annual dues cost just $30. And since the AFLSE is a registered non-profit, your membership dues are tax-deductible.  The LSE aims to serve a diverse student body, regardless of students’ ability to pay. The AFLSE annual scholarship is our way of serving this goal.

We’d love to have you join our mission as a member!