LSE Alumni Volunteer Awards

Two AFLSE members receive awards from the Alumni Association.

At the LSE Alumni Leadership Forum on June 16 of this year, the Alumni Association awarded 4 volunteer awards.  Two of these awards went to AFLSE members.  Congratulations to Beth Halpern and Connor Galvin! 

Beth Halpern won the Shaping Transformative Learning Award which is given to an alumnus who has provided exceptional support for students.  Beth, a past AFLSE President, has chaired the AFLSE Scholarship Committee that selects the scholarship recipient for many years.  She has been a great resource to students while they are planning their studies at LSE and also during their time there.

Connor Galvin won the Shaping our Community Award which is given for exceptional contribution to the LSE community.  Connor has supported AFLSE chapters across the country for many years in planning events such as Destination LSE, Global Networking Night and Welcome to the City.  His experience with chapter activities and contributions to our community in the US ensure that our many US chapters stay informed, engaged and enthusiastic!

We are delighted the School has recognized contributions from AFLSE members!  In the picture above, Connor accepts his award from the LSE Alumni Association Chair Tom Kern.