For more than twenty years, AFLSE chapters have hosted bon voyage parties for new students starting their studies at LSE.  For the second year in a row, this tradition continued in a virtual format.  


Two parties were held this year via Zoom.  One on August 17 and one on August 21.  Over 100 LSE offer-holders from the US attended these events.  

Thanks to all our dedicated volunteers for contributing to the success of this year's Bon Voyage parties!


Chris Bodell

John Casey

Eileen Chao

Tim Decker

Jennifer Li Dotson

Connor Galvin

Nathan Gardner

Margo Rocklin Goldman

Maureen Heydt

Ryan Hulbert

Nicholas Hutter

William Fretz Jarrett, Jr.

Gary Klein

Michael Lee

Lauren Maffeo

Deepa Mani

Aubrey Maslen

Chris McQueen

Scott Pedowitz

Brandon Perlow

Michael-John Pierce

Mont Rogers

Mauricio Santana

Alyssa Staats

Amanda Toombs

Mark Weng

Tripp Williams

Justinian Yi