Career Support & Mentoring

The AFLSE promotes career building and networking through the AFLSE Careers and Networking Special Interest Group and regular chapter activities.

AFLSE Careers and Networking Special Interest Group:

If you are interested in receiving regular job announcements and networking opportunities,
please join AFLSE Careers and Networking group by logging into AFLSE, going to the group page
at, and selecting the join group option.

Job and Career opportunities:

Jobs listed by alumni will be regularly mailed out to Careers and Networking SIG members. Any available job positions at your organization or that you otherwise hear about should be emailed to for inclusion.

Careers and Networking Contacts:

Members of the AFLSE have access to a list of alumni who have volunteered to serve as points of contact for careers in their organizations (link

If you are intersted in serving as a contact for alumni interested in working in your organization and/or industry, please contact

In addition, the AFLSE encourages members to participate in the activities of the LSE careers office:

Alumni Professional Mentoring Network

LSE Careers Service

AFLSE Helps Job Seekers with an LSE Fact Sheet to Attach to your Resume:

Some recruiters in the US have never heard of LSE and cannot easily recognize the true value of your degree. AFLSE has crafted a document to attach to your resume to help provide some pertinent background.

Click here for a printable PDF