AFLSE Premier League 2010 - Last Chance for Membership

The Premier League 2010 register will close on December 31st and we wanted to provide you with one last reminder of how important your support is to the AFLSE's ability to fulfill our mission of providing valuable services and activities for LSE alumni.

We are proud to announce that nearly 5% of the AFLSE membership has joined the Premier League 2010 so far. We want to count you among this special select group that has demonstrated its commitment to our community.

We want to thank the following for becoming Premier League 2010 members:

John Morrocco
Gordon Peterson
Harry Reasoner
Alexander Shakow
L. Mark Stone
John Woodcock
Paul Meagher
Patricia Stockton
Rasik Mistry
Richard Banta
Janice Bellace
John Casey
D. Elizabeth Crompton
Leon Desbrow
Michele Gargano
Jane Harris
Susan Hart
Theodore Hoffman
Jonathan Imber
Thomas Kern
William King
Layne Lott
Timothy Louie
Eva Elizabeth Halpern
Gurpreet Brar
Peter Davos
Charles Edelman
Kathryn Koch
Jean Belanger
John Charman
Aimee Germain
Osman Khan
Charles Mandly
Janice Rodecap
Bill Blake
Julianna Lassleben
George Walendowski
Stephen Reid
Marianne Schafer
Robert Burke
Zachariah Eccleston
Lisa Lynch
William Pence

There are three ways to join the Premier League 2010,

Complete or purchase a Life membership

Contribute at least $100 if you are already a Life member

Purchase a three-year contributing membership for $220.

Please click though the below article to join or press here.

We will be offering an AFLSE logo golf shirt to the final list of all members of the Premier League 2010 Register, which will also be published early in the new year on the AFLSE website.

Thank you for your support,

Beth Halpern


The AFLSE Premier League
The highest order of LSE alumni membership in the United States.

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