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The British Consulate General hosted a splendid reception to commemorate the 350th anniversary of foundation of the Royal  Society, which was founded for the study of the new and still controversial "Physico-Mathematical Experimental Learning". Two years later Charles II made it his Royal Society, and since then its Fellows have given us gravity, evolution, the electron, the double helix, the internet and a large part of the modern world.

At his reception we were also able to celebrate the award of the Nobel Prize in medicine to one the Society's distinguished alumni. This is just one of many examples of our continued connection with the UK and scholarship in the UK. The reception highlighted science and innovation in the UK, and the close connections they provide with and to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, most noticably through our educational systems and positive impact in entrepreneurial inventions and advances. 

 AFLSE Boston and the other national and international Chapters hope that you will enter in to the spirit of achievement, both through the hundreds of lectures and exhibitions that look at our innovation past, but also to bolster innovation in the present. To accomplish this means that we need your active participation and fresh ideas. Only the membership can tell us what we can do to be successful and grow. Please contact us with your ideas and suggestions by email to at any time.

Our next upcoming event is a free networking event, in collaboration with the British Americn Business Council of New England.

Join British and American professionals in their 20s and 30s at the Elephant and Castle Pub to socialize, network, and share experiences of working in the UK and US over a pint or two.



 161 Devonshire St

(between Franklin St & Milk St)
Boston, MA 02110



We look forward to hearing from you!




Boston: Networking Opportunity
Thursday, 10/21/10 at 8:30pm

Please join the British American Business Council of New England and AFLSE Boston for this recently launched event.

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