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This is the first newsletter using newly acquired ability to add a pictorial heading.  For the national newsletter we are using the masthead for the web home page.  For chapter newsletters we have created similar headers that you can copy/paste to each of your chapter newsletters.  You will find the mast head under "xyz chapter Newsletter Header" in the list of newsletters, not mailed.  Just copy from that source and paste into the space above "Dear FIRSTNAME". 

While we are discussing newsletters, I thought it would be helpful to provide a couple of pointers to those who send out newsletters.

It is a good idea to send out a test message to see what your newsletter will look like.  If your message ends with ***test, then it is only being sent to those people who are on the database with the right to receive newsletters.  This may mean that you get quite a number of test messages from other groups as well, but it helps everyone see what the newsletter will actually look like before sending it to the larger population

The Newsletter Subject is key to catching your correspondent's attantion.  We consider it good form to always start with AFLSE and the chapter name before adding information on the event eg

AFLSE Chicago.........

You have probably exprienced the quirkiness of the editing process on this website. In particular if you write your draft in Word, it is best to pass it though some clensing of hidden symbols by copying it to your system's text editor such as Microsoft's Notepad or Apple's TextEdit,

If you have any html formatting issues (personally I find editing for hyperlinks difficult).  If you need any help from the AFLSE office before your newsletter goes out, please e-mail to to ask for assistance and reference exactly what you would like to have added.

Please double check that the event numbers that you include are actually the intended one's. This can be done in proofing and testing. There have been a couple of incorrect items included in some newsletters.

Please let us have your suggestions on how to improve on the newsletter process.


 Leon Desbrow

Membership VP 






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