Washington D.C. AFLSE 1st Web-Based Newsletter

This is our first Washington D.C. Chapter web-based Newsletter. If you received this letter, take no action. At the end of May we will be discontinuing the AFLSE Washington D.C. Chapter list server and replacing it with this AFLSE Washington D.C. Chapter Newsletter delivered from the AFLSE web site using our registered user database. If you were not on our list server, we are pleased to have you join the AFLSE Washington, D.C. electronic community for the first time. We plan to send a monthly newsletter to provide information on the upcoming activities of the AFLSE Washington D.C. Chapter and news of local job postings, flat sharing requests and other events and activities posted by fellow AFLSE members that may be of interest to you. If you receive this letter as a Newsletter and a list server posting then you do not need to take any action, unless you do not wish to receive future newsletters. We would encourage you to change your address information at www.aflse.org so that LSE and AFLSE can better serve your needs in the future.  Additionally, if you wish to eliminate receiving this newsletter and/or add another chapter immediately, then go to www.aflse.org/group.html to make your changes.If you have made postings to the List Server, or would like to make posting, we appreciate your announcements and would ask that you address any future contributions to washingtondc@aflse.org for posting to this Chapter’s Newsletter. We anticipate this will be more efficient for AFLSE users who will only have to update e-mail addresses in one place and will save AFLSE from the cost of maintaining two databases. Other chapters will see the introduction of newsletters next month.
We want to make this transition as smooth as possible.  If you have any concerns or issues, please e-mail washingtondc@aflse.org.
Thank you for your past and future support of the AFLSE. Olga N. Chistyakova, MSc. Environment & Development, ‘04
Washington D.C. Chapter Newsletter Editor

If you receive a letter similar to this as a list server posting BUT NOT a Newsletter then you either have initial registration with another city chapter OR we have no indication of your geographic location because we do not have your home or office address.  Please see troubleshooting section below for action you should take. You can check your status by logging in to the web site and typing www.AFLSE.org/groups.html in the top bar of the web page and reviewing which group you have been initially been assigned to.  • If you are a member of the “no chapter affiliation” group and you want to receive local newsletters, you should join your local group on line at www.AFLSE.org/groups.html and you will start to receive your local group’s Newsletter. • If you have your primary chapter designation at another chapter and you want to receive the second or third local Newsletter, you can join as many groups in addition. If you receive this posting as a List server AND a Newsletter to different e-mail addresses and the Newsletter e-mail arrived at the address you want to use in the future, no action is required by you to continue to receive the chapter Newsletter.  If the List server e-mail is the correct address for future newsletters, then you will need to log on www.aflse.org and change the e-mail address on your profile. If you forgot your password:
Please reset it at http://www.aflse.org/user.html?op=ru
If upon signing in you get an Error 201:
...it means that the e-mail address you provided is not the one we have on file for you:
1. Make sure you typed it correctly (it is NOT case sensitive).
2. Make sure your browser is NOT auto-filling this field.
3. If you think it is possible that we have a different e-mail address for you which forwards to the one at the top of this e-mail, please try it. This is rare, but does happen.
If you get an Error 202:
...it means that you entered the right e-mail, but the wrong password.
1. Make sure you typed it correctly (it IS case sensitive).
2. Make sure your browser is NOT auto-filling this field.
3. f 1 and 2 failed, you may reset it at http://www.aflse.org/user.html?op=ru
If you are not currently a paid up member of the AFLSE ($35 per annum) we would encourage you to join at www.aflse.org to benefit from lower pricing at LSE  and AFLSE events and other member benefits as well as to assist us in continuing to developing this web site infrastructure.  You are already registered at www.aflse.org with your e-mail address. If you do not know or have forgotten your password, see suggestions in the troubleshooting section of this letter 

Washington, DC: Happy Hour
Thursday, 05/17/07 at 9:30pm

Happy hours are an informal way to network and meet local fellow AFLSE alums!

AFLSE members, friends, recent grads, and future students are all welcome!

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