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We really appreciate your membership of the AFLSE and the support that this provides for our activities.

 In an effort to better serve you and other members we have special chapter and professional interest groups available for you to join but we need to ensure that your information is up-to-date. For you information your current membership status and expiry date are:

[membership_level]    [membership_exp]

Please note that life members will see an expiry date which represents the system date and has no sinister implications.

We need to have accurate home addresses to ensure that you are linked to the appropriate chapter groups.  In order for this to be effective we need to be sure that your address on the AFLSE database is up to date.

Currently we have the following home address data for you:


and telephone number as follows:


Our special interest groups are populated in part by information concerning your work place, so it is important for us to have this information.

Your current work address information on file is:


If any of this information is not correct, please make the appropriate changes to your profile at our website.  Log on at with the following e-mail address:


and enter your password.  If you do not have or recall your password you can request that new password be sent to your e-mail address by going to and clicking on "Forgot your password? click here" in the sign in area (even if you have never had a password to the AFLSE website, this will issue a password).

Once you are recognized at the site, please click on “my account” at the top right of the screen in the blue background, then “my profile” and then “edit profile’.  Please make your changes in that area.

While you are in the profile section, please consider making more information available to other members by reducing the number of fields that you hide. Also most of you have not had an opportunity to indicate the industry that you work in.  Completing that pull down menu will allow us to more easily direct you to your appropriate special interest groups.

Please do not e-mail us your changes, as our resources are limited in their ability to provide such customized services. If you have any issue logging on to the website, please refer first to the Frequently Asked Questions and follow directions from there.

Thank you again for your support. As well as updating your information at our website today, please let us know if you have suggestions on how we can strengthen the AFLSE by e-mailing me.

Yours truly,

Beth Halpern


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