AFLSE National Newsletter: August Events and Developing Online Community

Bon Voyage Parties, organized by chapters across the country, create one of the most important and successful annual AFLSE programs.  New students, en route to study at the LSE, are introduced to the alumni community who share their experiences of studying at the LSE.  At the same time, the students they have the chance to network with each other, making contacts which may help them with living arrangements, studying, or just getting together to socialize as they adjust to life abroad. Washington, DC, Boston and San Francisco have already held successful events.  In August, alumni and friends are invited to welcome students at events in Philadelphia and New York (this week), followed by Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas/Ft Worth, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland and Denver (see below).  In addition to these events, New York, Washington and Boston will be hosting "happy hours" so LOGIN to http://www, to review events that are available in your area.

The AFLSE is also reaching out to the online community of LSE alums via Facebook and LinkedIn.  See below for information on how you can benefit from contacts beyond those of the AFLSE, and help recruit new members to the organization.

AFLSE Philadelphia: New LSE Student Bon Voyage Party
Thursday, 08/6/09 at 5:30pm

All alumni, new students, and their guests are invited to the Philadelphia chapter's Bon Voyage party.

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AFLSE New York City: Bon Voyage Evening for New LSE Students
Thursday, 08/6/09 at 6:00pm

Remember how excited you were as you prepared to embark for the LSE? Share those memories and your advice with our new batch of New York area students headed for London.

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AFLSE Minneapolis: Bon Voyage Party
Wednesday, 08/12/09 at 6:00pm

Share your fond LSE memories and your advice with our new students headed to London.

All LSE alumni and their guests plus new LSE students and their parents are welcome!

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AFLSE Los Angeles: Bon Voyage
Saturday, 08/15/09 at 3:00pm

Come share your LSE memories and your advice with new LSE students off to London.

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AFLSE Seattle: New Student Bon Voyage Event
Thursday, 08/20/09 at 6:00pm

Alumni, friends, recent grads and future students are all welcome!

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AFLSE Dallas/Ft. Worth: Bon Voyage Party
Thursday, 08/20/09 at 7:00pm

At our Third Thursdays Mixer in August, we will be seeing four new students off to the LSE and, potentially, a few more returning students.

This is a terrific opportunity to influence and encourage emerging brilliance!

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AFLSE Chicago: Bon Voyage Party for New LSE Students
Tuesday, 08/25/09 at 5:30pm

LSE alumni are invited to share their own LSE experiences and advice, and help make the transition easier for our future alumni.

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AFLSE Cleveland: New Student Bon Voyage Picnic
Wednesday, 08/26/09 at 3:00pm

We look forward to welcoming any alumni/ae, as well as departing students and their families, as well as any spouses/significant others/partners, etc.

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AFLSE Denver: New LSE Student Bon Voyage Event
Wednesday, 08/26/09 at 5:00pm

Please join Denver Chapter LSE alumni and friends for our end of summer party where we plan to say "Bon Voyage!" to departing LSE students and meet and socialize with area alumni.

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AFLSE On-line Community Reaches Out through Facebook and LinkedIn
Tuesday, 11/10/09 at 6:16pm
The AFLSE Technology Committee has developed a consistent and strong online community. AFLSE National has sites both at Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition we have created City Chapters on Facebook and professional Special Interest Group on Linkedin.

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