AFLSE Annual Report 2006


As we move into 2007, I would like to provide you with a report of AFLSE activities during 2006.


I am pleased to report that there have been 75 events publicized on our web site this year. The majority have been AFLSE sponsored events including happy hours, wine tastings, lectures and seminars. Chapters that organized especially interesting events in 2006 included:

Atlanta (a panel discussion contrasting journalism in the US and the UK)

Chicago, Houston and Denver (receptions with the British Consul)

Los Angeles (luncheons with Eric Garcetti and Thomas Mesereau)


New York (an evening with Stelios, founder of  Easy Jet)


Washington DC (an evening with Gary Kleinman)

Additionally we have promoted and assisted with other events of interest to members including three major LSE events including one with Sir Howard Davies, the LSE Director.  AFLSE and LSE jointly organized two GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) events in New York and hope to expand to other US locations in 2007.

Once again, nine AFLSE Chapters organized “bon voyage” parties for students enrolling at the LSE, and these were attended by nearly a third of all students en route to London. This tradition is much appreciated by both LSE and the new students who can be expected to strengthen our organization in the years to come as they return to the United States.

Web Site

The web site has continued to be the main focus of our communications with members. It has been available to members virtually 100% of the time and processed over 1,300 error- free credit card transactions for membership and events. Approximately 1,700 people visit our web site each month on average 1.5 times each.

We are working on additional developments to the web site during 2007 to improve the focus of our e-mail newsletters and our chapter networking. If you are not receiving our monthly e-mail and would like to, please log on to


Our long term objective is to enroll at least 10% of all US alumni (1,300) as members. Membership grew by a net 364 during 2006 to a total of 1,064.  If all our expiring 2006 members had renewed, we would already have meet our target. 

Thank you to all of you who are paid-up members.  Life members now make up over 20% of our membership. For those who are on annual or three year membership, please make sure that you renew at expiry– four e-mail reminders are automatically sent out to all expiring members from the website (60, 30, 1 day before expiry and 30 days after).

We continue to solicit membership from former members, new alumni and those that are new to our expanded mailing list.  We need your support if we are to continue our work of helping alumni to network for social, academic and business connections across the country and assist the best prospective students as they approach studying at LSE. I hope that you like what the AFLSE is doing for the LSE community in the US and that you will join us as a paid up member in 2007

Membership Benefits

Our Member benefit section has grown during 2006 and now includes Princeton and Harvard Club membership, Member Perks discounts, discounts on insurance products and discounts on many publications. Additionally, members-only web site locations include the membership directory, discussion forums and classified ads.

Relations with LSE

During 2006 AFLSE and the LSE Foundation continued to work closely together on a number of projects including alumni events in the United States.  The distinction between the AFLSE as an alumni organization and the LSE Foundation as the official LSE fund raising organization in the United States is becoming better understood by all LSE alumni.

The joint database of alumni that LSE and AFLSE initiated in October is expected to benefit both originations as alumni will be able to update their information in either system and have it transmitted to the other every quarter. You should have already receiced an e-mail asking you to check and update your personal information at our website.

Scholarship Program

We have now awarded over 130 full scholarships over the 30 years that the program has existed. The endowment continues to be actively invested to grow along with capital markets.  In 2006 we awarded a full scholarship to Alisa Alston (see


The AFLSE could not function without a significant effort from a large group of volunteers. We have a Board of 30 thoughtful and active members including significant chapter leadership.  We count at least another 50 volunteers who work hard to make a success of events at our 27 chapters. I would like to acknowledge the significant assistance from all the leadership in growing and strengthening the AFLSE in 2006.

We are making a concerted effort to include more volunteers in the management of the organization. In addition to a strong membership committee, we have expanded the editorial staff this year and will be expanding the information technology group.  We welcome all volunteers to help both in Chapter affairs and in activities at the national level. Please contact me if you are interested.

It only remains for me to wish you all a happy and successful 2007 and to hope that you can make some time available for LSE and the AFLSE in your busy schedules.


Leon Desbrow


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