AFLSE Boston Music Saturday

Join us at the Lily Pad in Cambridge this Saturday, 15 November, at 9 pm,

to meet fellow alumni Lou Black and his band Ash Lovely.

Peruvian born Lou studied survey research at the University of Michigan and Social Psychology at Boston University before going to LSE to pursue to pursue an MSc. in Demography/Statistics. After graduating, he pursued a life as a researcher and consultant to the private and public sectors, and on occasion published technical articles, while continuing his musical hobbies on the side. Lou's first album received airplay on over 250 independent radio stations and was played on radio stations in 21countries.

He recently formed a new band/project, "Ash Lovely" an acoustic indie pop group. with 3 other songwriters. They will be performing a benefit concert Saturday:

The Lily Pad

1352 Cambridge Street

Cambridge MA 02139

November 15 @ 9:00PM

If you want a preview, or can't attend, check out:


The 2009 Season Ahead

Given the recent lack of attendance,  the Third Thursdays and Leadership Luncheons will resume in January, with a new and exciting program already getting lined up. Please volunteer to help the chapter, and email us your suggestions, to

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