LSE Centennial Fund Donations to Benefit the AFLSE

Recently, you were mailed a package with information about the LSE Annual Fund and the way in which donations are distributed by the School.  It also reported that the UK Government had introduced a Matched Giving Scheme to encourage overseas donors to support UK higher education.  Under this scheme, donations from overseas donors will, until 2011, be matched with an additional 1 pound for every 3 raised.

In order to take advantage of the UK Government incentive, the LSE has asked the AFLSE to encourage donations to the LSE Centennial Fund, from which grants are requested by the Annual Fund.  Last year, only 5% of US alumni contributed, but an increase of only 1% in donors will benefit the AFLSE with a grant which will be invaluable in supporting our national and local chapter activities.

At this time of economic uncertainty, it is difficult for many of us to contemplate making contributions, even when tax-deductible.  However, it is an increase in the "number" of donors, and not the size of your donation which will serve to benefit the AFLSE, so please consider making a donation, however small.  (See below for more information)  

All best wishes for a Peaceful Holiday Season.

LSE ANNUAL FUND - Key Information for U.S. donors
Monday, 11/17/08 at 8:26pm
Learn more about the fund and giving through the LSE Centennial Fund (a US tax exempt entity)

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LSE offers challenge grant to assist AFLSE
Monday, 11/17/08 at 10:43am
Help us in finding new ways to support the LSE Annual Fund and the AFLSE

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