Heading to the LSE this fall? This e-mail from the AFLSE is for you

Congratulations on your offer of admission and decision to attend the London School of Economics!

My name is Brett Noble and I will be serving as this year’s chair of programs for new and current LSE students from the United States. Organized in part with the Alumni and Friends of the London School of Economics – USA (http://www.aflse.org), the new position aims to foster a sense of community among American LSE students, past and present, and help you to make the most of your time at LSE.

If you haven’t already, please visit our section on the web site by clicking the "Chapters and Groups" Tab, then "LSE Students". Here is a direct link: http://www.aflse.org/groups.html?pp=1111 Please confirm that you are a participant in the group (see top right side of page) and join the group if you are not. You will see a listing of Bon Voyage events for incoming LSE students nationwide. Admission is free for new students, so RSVP today!

I’m happy to announce two resources that we have made available to incoming students:

AFLSE has arranged an exclusive arrangement with LloydsTSB bank to allow you to arrange to open your sterling bank account here in the U.S. before you leave and avoid the documentation hassle during your first days at LSE. A side advantage is a free student membership of the AFLSE for a year. The link to the special LloydsTSB/AFLSE site is http://www.lloydstsb-offshore.com/aflse or from the article below.

Sorry, this offer is no longer available.
Sunday, 04/1/12 at 11:24am

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Secondly, if you have a Facebook account, log on and join our official group: "LSE-USA Student Connection." This group provides a simple and valuable forum for students to meet each other and discuss new student issues (accommodation, visas, cell phone contracts, bank accounts, etc.) Once the school year begins, the group will serve as a platform for sending out event invites. Become a member today! If you would like to be in touch with some recent graduates to answer questions about LSE and living in London, we have the contact e-mails of a number who have agreed to help new students:

Carolyn Alesbury - General Course - carolyn.alesbury@gmail.com

Eytan Kurshan - General Course - eytan_kurshan@gmail.com

Allison Phillips - General Course - phillips.ae@gmail.com

Jennifer Goldstein - Masters - goldstein.jennifer@gmail.com

Julie Hunter - Masters - j.hunter@lse.ac.uk

Victoria Lai - Masters - victoria.l.lai@gmail.com

Tess Stovall - Masters - tess.stovall@gmail.com

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you all in the fall and spending the next year with you in London.

Kind regards,

Brett Noble

MSc Politics and Communication‘09

Chair, New and Current Students

Alumni and Friends of the London School of Economics – USA


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