San Francisco AFLSE - August 2008 Newsletter

 The "summer" is upon us....  I hope we are all enjoying it!


PLEASE NOTE:  NO First Monday drinks are scheduled for August.  This planned event for August 4th will not occur, because of the Bon Voyage party on August 7th.  The First Monday drinks will resume on the first Monday of September 8th, as September 1st is Labor Day.


The 2008 Bon Voyage party will be held on August 7th, from 6:30pm, at the King George Hotel (see article below for details and registration).



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Thursday, August 14th


The City Club of San Francisco

155 Sansome Street


"The Obsessive Compulsive Neurotic Manager"

Featuring Ian Angell

LSE Professor of Information Systems


Professor Angell will argue that many of the management theories coming out of Business Schools are turning managers into "Methodolics" whose neurotic behavior is detrimental to both innovation and economic success.

Reception to follow. 

$25 per person/ $15 for AFLSE members.

Space is limited.  Kindly respond by August 10 at or by phone to (646) 442-2895


About Ian Angell 

Ian Angell has been Professor of Information Systems at the London School of Economics since 1986.  Prior to that he researched and taught Computer Science at Royal Holloway College and University College London.  Angell has very radical and constructive views on his subject, and is very critical of what he calls "the pseudo-science of academic Information Systems."  He has gained a certain notoriety worldwide for his aggressive polemics against the inappropriate use of artificial intelligence  and so-called knowledge management  and against the hyperbole surrounding e-commerce. 

His main research work concentrates on organizational and national I.T. policies, on strategic information systems, and on computers and risk (both opportunities and hazards), particularly the systemic risks inherent in all socio-technical systems and the security threats posed to organizations by the rapidly diffusing international information infrastructure.  His highly articulate presentations of his controversial position means he is in great demand by the media , and as a speaker on the international lecture circuit  Apart from his keynote talks on Computer Security, the Global Consequences of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and on business strategy in a world globalized through ICT, he is also well known for his workshops on new tactics for sales and marketing using the Internet, and for his pragmatic, down-to-earth and outspoken views on electronic commerce and developments in the telecoms industry.

More on Ian Angell at:

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AFLSE San Francisco: Bon Voyage Party
Thursday, 08/7/08 at 9:30pm

It's that time of the year again, when the newly-admitted students to the London School of Economics are about to embark on their journeys.

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