NFP/NGO SIG: A Call To Fingers!

Thank you for joining the Not for Profit/Non-Government Special Interest Group. Now, it's time to make things happen!

Although this SIG is based in Boston, it is perhaps the most highly distributed of all. After all every state in the union has charities, public assistance services, think tanks, schools, and other relevant groups.

Recognizing this, AFLSE has established our SIG as the first to have an online discussion group.

Please Go Online and Take Advantage of This Facility!

When you go online, login with your registration details, and check out the latest news and events posted. While you're visiting, make sure to click on the Networking button at the top, and go to Discussion Groups. Check out the Steering Committee topic, where a survey is posted, and you can offer suggestions to Steering Committee leader Emily Silberstein. You can also contribute information to the current posted discussions on governance and international humanitarian assistance, or launch a new topic.

This Newsletter is another valuable tool. Email with upcoming events, articles about your accomplishments, requests for assistance on your current initiatives, or other ideas you may have. We can then use the Newsletter to share this information with the group. You can see an example in the article discussing one of our recent meetings, below.

Your active participation is critical in launching this SIG and making it successful.

Please share your ideas and goals with your colleagues, either through the Discussion Groups or by email to

Boston: Leadership Luncheons
Wednesday, 04/16/08 at 11:24am
Economic Development for the Commonwealth!

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