AFLSE Multilateral Institutions Affinity Group

This spring, the Alumni and Friends of the LSE in the US (AFLSE) will roll out industry-specific affinity groups. Each will provide:

- a forum for discussion at a variety of events;
- opportunities for professional networking and mentoring; and,
- links with LSE academics that have common interest with group members.

Groups will be made up of AFLSE-registered users or paid-up members. They are open to professionals working in a particular field and to alumni with either a personal or professional interest in it. Based on information in our database, we have placed you in the Multilateral Institutions affinity group.

You are welcome to join more than one group. Other groups include:

- Education
- Hedge Funds
- Financial Services
- Legal
- Management Consulting
- Media
- Not For Profit/NGO
- Real Estate
- US Government

Get Involved
We expect many US-based LSE alumni to use this service and your active involvement is key to strengthening it as a resource. In particular we are looking for mentors. To be clear, this will not be a resume service. Instead, we seek alumni working in the UN, World Bank, IMF, and other multilateral institutions who would be willing to speak to other LSE graduates in our affinity group. Mentors' roles will include offering their insights about professional prospects within the Multilateral system (or a particular subfield) and answering questions about how to establish or advance a career within it. Mentors will be issued addresses that will allow them to guard their personal contact information.

We are also looking for Multilateral Institution committee members and for people who are interested in developing engaging and topical programs.

To sign up as a mentor or for further information, please contact the current co-chairs, Bryce Quillin or Michelle Risley, at

Please also forward this email to any other LSE alumni who you think might be interested in joining this group.

Select Your Affinity Group and Update Your Details
Within the next month we will determine your city chapter membership based on the home zip code in our system. To ensure that we have correctly identified your interest in Multilateral Institutions and that we have your most up-to-date information, please review your job and contact details at To access the system, please log in using the email address we sent this message to. Please let us know if you have any problems logging on.

Register for Your Affinity Group
- If you would like to remain in the affinity group assigned to you and your employment data is correct at our site, you need do nothing.
- If you would like to remain in the group assigned to you and your employment data is not correct at our site, please update your information online.
- If you do not want to be a member of the group, please go to and deselect your membership.
- If you want to join another affinity group, please feel free to sign up at

We look forward to launching this initiative and to seeing you at our first events later this spring in New York and Washington, D.C.


Leon Desbrow
President AFLSE

Bryce Quillin
Michelle Risley
Co-Chairs of the Multilateral Institutions Affinity Group

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