AFLSE Legal Affinity Group - first contact

The Alumni and Friends of the LSE in the US (AFLSE) will be rolling out industry-focused affinity groups shortly and we want to be sure that we have you associated with the correct group. 

You have been identified as having an interest in the Legal Group based on information on record in our database. The Legal affinity group is being launched in anticipation with cooperation with the LSE Legal Group based in London

The specific industry-focused affinity groups that AFLSE has established are:

 - Education
 - Hedge Funds
 - Financial Services
 - Legal
 - Management Consulting 
 - Media
 - Multilateral Institutions
 - Not For Profit/NGO
 - Real Estate
 - US Government

Each affinity group is made up of AFLSE registered users or paid up members who study, practice or have an interest in that group defined in its broadest sense. You are welcome to be a member of more than one group.  Each group will provide:

 - a forum for discussion at a variety of events;
 - opportunities for professional networking and mentoring; and,
 - links with LSE academics that have common interest with the group member.

Some of the employment information contained in our database is very dated; please take a minute to confirm your information in our database at   Please also confirm that your home and office addresses are correct. We will be determining your city chapter membership based on home zip code in the next month. You should log on using the e-mail that we sent this message to.

  Please let us know if you have any problems logging on.

Please review your possible actions below:
 - If you would like to remain in the affinity group assigned to you and your employment data is correct at our site, you need do nothing.
 - If you would like to remain in the group assigned to you and your employment data is not correct at our site, please update your information on line.
 - If you do not want to be a member of the group, please go to and deselect your membership from the group.
 - If you want to be a member of one of the other affinity groups, please feel free to sign up at We are confident that this new initiative will be well received by many LSE alumni in the United States and look forward to your active involvement.

  Specifically we need volunteer help from you in either assisting on building the mentoring capability or in developing meetings and programs for members. If you would like to consider becoming a committee member, please contact the current chair.


Leon Desbrow

President AFLSE

David Sahr/Maurice Gritzalis

Co-Chairs of the Legal Group

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