Event at the Houston Museum of Natural Science of Interest to LSE Alumni


You may have an interest in attending this event at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. See below for details. 

Richard III Rediscovered
When: Tue, April 21, 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Where: The Houston Museum of Natural Science, 5555 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX, United States (map)
For More Information:
713.364.6DIG (713.364.6344)
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From the Trenches Blog:

Face to Face with History
As AIA-Houston prepares to present Prof. Sarah Hainsworth on April 21, 2015 at the Houston Museumof Natural Science on the rediscovery of Richard III, we examine facets of his discovery in the weeks leading up to the lecture.  


With the discovery of the remains of King Richard III, a unique, exciting opportunity presented:  the chance to discover Richard’s appearance.  Perhaps at no other time in history, has it been possible to really know about the appearance of a ruler.  The historian has textual evidence and artistic representations.  These depictions are diluted through the opinions of the writer or the painter, often serving propagandistic purposes.  The most famous portraits of Richard III, depicting him as dark-haired and steely eyed were painted 25 to 30 years after his death.  However, archaeology has tools at its disposal that help to create a clearer portrait.

Following the exhumation of the remains of Richard, scholars and scientists at the University of Dundee undertook a facial reconstruction using the bones of his skull.  Then, recently, geneticists added an extra dimension through DNA testing and discovered that his hair was blonde and his eyes blue.  Genetic specialist Turi King, from...read more.

For More Information:
713.364.6DIG (713.364.6344)
Website - aia-houston.com
Facebook - facebook.com/houstonarchaeology
Blog -  archaeologyhouston.wordpress.com

For questions about the AFLSE Houston chapter, please email Patrick, Houston chapter leader, at houston@aflse.org.

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