AFLSE San Francisco Newsletter - Faculty event!


As we welcome spring, we hope you can make some time to see your LSE fellow alumni as we will have four LSE professors from International Relations coming in at the beginning of April in downtown San Francisco! Please see the event details at the link at the end of the message and note that there will be no First Monday meeting in April as we will meet instead with the LSE faculty on Thursday, April 4th.

In addition, we have the following LSE alumni requests:


  1. Fellow alum Ksenia Shadrina is conducting a job search in the field of philanthropy, policy think tanks, and NGOs. She graduated with the MSc. in NGOs and Development with emphasis on social policy, gender, and human rights. Ideally, she is looking for an analyst position at a think tank, but she would be equally interested in a program manager position at an NGO or nonprofit. Her linked in profile is:
  2. Fellow alum Thomas A. Lewis who graduated in 2007 with an MSc History of International Relations, is seeking a role in investment industry related research, operations, wholesaling, relationship management or a role in investor relations. He has 5 years experience in the field and you can reach him at


We hope to see you at this event!

Event details:

San Francisco: A Talk Featuring LSE International Relations Faculty Professors
Thursday, 04/4/13 at 9:00pm
A Tale of Two Misperceptions: Europe and America in an Age of Austerity
A talk featuring LSE International Relations Faculty Professor Michael Cox, Associate Professor Robert Falkner, Dr Federica Bicchi and Dr Nicholas Kitchen.

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Augi and Mauricio

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