Spring Events for LSE Alumni

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Last week, LSE Director, Sir Howard Davies was on the West Coast meeting alumni at highly successful receptions in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Early this week there was a lively debate in Houston, and a Happy Hour in San Francisco. Now there is a continuing program of spring events around the country. In particular, the Dallas Chapter has organized a wine tasting for April 28, there is a get-together in Boston on April 21 and a range of activities in New York and Washington, DC.

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Dallas: Wine Tasting
Thursday, 04/28/05 at 10:00pm

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Boston: Mixer
Thursday, 04/21/05 at 9:00pm

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New York City: Lecture - Winning and Keeping Customers
Monday, 04/18/05 at 9:30pm
An invitation to AFLSE members from the London Business School Club of New York

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New York City: LSE Seven O'clock Club
Monday, 06/6/05 at 10:00pm
Come join us for our monthly networking mixer!

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Washington, DC: Happy Hour
Thursday, 05/19/05 at 9:00pm

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Washington, DC: Frisbee on the Mall
Wednesday, 04/27/05 at 9:30pm

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Washington, DC: Spring Ball at Embassy of France
Saturday, 04/30/05 at 10:30pm

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