LSE offers challenge grant to assist AFLSE

Help us in finding new ways to support the LSE Annual Fund and the AFLSE

AFLSE may receive a generous grant from the LSE Annual Fund but only if we help raise US donor numbers by 12% over last year’s number. This is an exciting new initiative from the LSE that links its support of alumni activities more directly with reciprocal support of the annual fund.

The challenge that the AFLSE board has received is to increase donor levels to 750 people in the US for this fund raising year.  In exchange, LSE will fund a significant number of AFLSE activities at the national and chapter level.

The Board of the AFLSE encourages all alumni and friends of the LSE to generously donate to the LSE through the US tax-deductable Centennial Fund. Visit:

AFLSE is taking this challenge to help the LSE Annual Fund very seriously and is establishing a committee of members who are willing to help with designing and executing a solicitation program which may be based on geography, cohorts or studies. 

Currently under 5% of US alumni donate to the program.  We only need to raise the percentage by 1% to meet our funding goal but we want to demonstrate to the LSE the strength of our organization and want to set our own targets much higher.

Please be in touch with Anna Sabasteanski at if you would like to join our Annual Fund Committee.