AFLSE Launches Special Interest Groups to Promote Professional and Social Networking

Check if your industry group is represented and join this new initiative.

AFLSE launches its new Special Interest Groups (SIG) initiative. Most of these groups have been designed to facilitate networking amongst the LSE alumni community in the United States through the development of relationships within key industries and professions. Each SIG is made up of AFLSE registered users who study, practice or have an interest in the specific group defined in its broadest sense.

Each SIG has its own page on the AFLSE website and aims to act as a forum for discussion and development for LSE alumni in the same industries. SIG initiatives will include:

In person and virtual events

Online discussion forums

Mentoring programs, designed for alumni looking to speak with other US based LSE alumni for career advice in a particular industry or an inside perspective on a certain firm. The mentoring program is expected to launch in the next six to eight weeks.

Other innovations created by group leaders and members

The groups and group leaders are as follows:

Education - Sheila Tefft (Atlanta)

Financial Services – Maurice Gritzalis (New York)

Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) - Norm Morneau (New York)

Hedge Fund – Raahim Dom (New York)

Intergovernmental Organizations – Bryce Quillin (Washington DC) 

Legal – David Sahr (Washington DC) & Maurice Gritzalis (New York)

Management Consulting - Osman Khan (New York) & Tom Ward (Washington DC)

Media – Norm Morneau (New York) & Mark Latonero (Los Angeles)

Not-For-Profit / NGO - Anna Sabasteanski (Boston) & James Constable (Boston)

Real Estate – Eric Manuel (West Coast) & Ted Kim (East Coast)

US Government – Pietro Di Sciascio (Washington DC)

To join a group or for more details, please click on the particular SIG’s name on the web site under ‘Chapters & Groups” or click or paste the following URL: You need to sign on using your e-mail address and password to join a group.

If you would like to consider being a leader in either an existing group or a group that we could create, please e-mail David Powell at

Although you do not have to be a paid up member of the AFLSE to be a member of a Special Interest Group, if you like what we are doing, we hope that you will support our efforts by purchasing a membership at the membeship tab on the web site.