Global Networking Night

One school's alumni. One night. Networking around the globe.



We are delighted to invite you to Global Networking Night on Tuesday, March 22, 2022! Please join us as LSE alumni will be gathering for an evening of networking and building connections across the alumni community. Events are being planned in person and on-line in the following locations.

Amman - Bangkok - Bogota - Boston - Budapest - Chicago - Dallas - Estonia - Fiji - Houston - Kenya - Kolkata - London - Los Angeles - Macedonia - Mumbai - New York - Ottawa - San Diego - San Francisco - Santiago - Washington, DC

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6:00PM Tue 22 Mar 2022, Eastern timezone



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What is Networking Night?

LSE's dynamic community will come together in cities across the globe to meet up, share career advice, make connections with each other and build a strong network of alumni. 


Who is Networking Night for? Who needs networking?
Networking is for everyone. This event is for anyone who wants to build a strong professional or social network and continue developing their career. Whether you are building your career, looking for the next generation of talented LSE alumni, or simply want to share your career wisdom with other alumni, this event is for you. All alumni who want to foster career connections, establish contacts within an industry or organization, further their current career goals or inform a future career decision are encouraged to attend.