Many traditions have been upset by the coronavirus, but one important AFLSE and LSE tradition has prevailed.  For more than twenty years, AFLSE chapters have hosted bon voyage parties for new students starting their studies at LSE.  This year, Destination LSE events were held in a virtual format.  Five Zoom meetings were held on various dates in August to allow LSE offer holders from all over the nation to interact with alumni volunteers and ask any questions they have about the year ahead.   

As many as 50 offer holders and as few as 20 attended each event.  Current students and recent graduates answered questions about the School and the current environment.  Each program made use of Zoom breakout rooms to allow small groups of alumni and students to interact.  

One of the highlights of each event was a welcome message from LSE Director Dame Minouche Shafik.  You can watch that video by following this link:

Many thanks to all our dedicated volunteers for contributing to the success of this year's Destination LSE series!

Caterina Abruzzo

Paige Andrews

Chris Bodell

Bri Buch

John Casey

Igor Cesarec

Joyce Chuinkam

Connor Galvin

Nathan Gardner

Joe Genereux
Margo Rocklin Goldman

Mike Gurtovoy

William Fretz Jarrett, Jr.

Eleni Kacher

Gary Klein

Lauren Maffeo

Deepa Mani

Erin McFadden

Christopher McQueen

Norm Morneau

Tiffany Nguyen

Scott Pedowitz

Brandon Perlow

Michael-John Pierce

Nico Robben

Mont Rogers

Mauricio Santana

Henry SooHoo

Amanda Toombs

Mark Weng

Teresa Whitney

Tripp Williams

Stella Yoh

Mirena Zannou