AFLSE Annual Report

2017 marks the 47th year of the Alumni and Friends of the London School of Economics in the United States.

AFLSE is the oldest national alumni association of the London School of Economics outside the United Kingdom.  Each and every year since 1970 our focus has been to promote a sense of community among LSE alumni in the United States.  We do so by staying connected with the School itself to represent our interests, ideas, and to offer support to the LSE.   We communicate with you via our website and other tools like this monthly newsletter and periodic emails to keep you informed of the latest happenings from the School and alumni.  We offer a scholarship to a deserving student for graduate study.  And we maintain a strong array of chapters around the country to offer opportunities for alumni and friends to network and participate in School sponsored lectures and events.


Have no doubt—these are exciting times for the LSE and to be a part of the LSE family as alumni and friends, whether we attended the School in 1964 or 2014—is both a privilege and, simply put, a lot of fun.  The LSE Director has become a strong supporter of the AFLSE with a vision for the Office of Advancement that was established to replace the Office of Development and Alumni Relations will benefit alumni in the United States and around the world as we progress through the cycle of recruit, student, graduate, alumnus, and supporter of the School.


We look forward to 2017 and pledge our continuing support to all alumni and friends of the LSE in the United States.  We are excited to work with the Director of the Office of Advancement and their team to enhance services for alumni.  We believe this can help affirm our place as lifelong learners still wishing to benefit from our LSE allegiance and partners wishing to support the School in its endeavors to serve the next generations and contribute to a better society at the national and international level.  


If you aren't a paying member of AFLSE, please consider becoming one.  We rely on membership dues to maintain the AFLSE website and other communications with LSE alumni in the United States.  These communications are vital to local chapter events and networking events.

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Also, if you haven't seen it, please follow the link below to see a season's greeting video from LSE.  I think you will enjoy it:


All the best,

Thomas E. Kern
President (MSc. 1979)