AFLSE Overview

The Alumni and Friends of the London School of Economics in the United States (AFLSE),
was founded in 1970 in order to foster and sustain relations between the LSE and its alumni in the United States.
It is now the School’s largest and oldest alumni association outside the United Kingdom, and is recognized by
the LSE as the official volunteer organization for alumni relations in the USA.

The AFLSE was founded initially to assist the School with fundraising. It then moved on to providing information to American residents to attract them to study at the LSE, to raising money for graduate tuition scholarships, and eventually to establishing and coordinating alumni chapters across the country.

When the School established the New York office of the LSE Foundation in 1999, led by a professional team, the AFLSE withdrew from active fundraising. It still maintains a small scholarship endowment fund, from which annual awards are made. However, the primary role of the AFLSE is to promote the interests of the School by fostering relations with its US alumni, maintaining contacts between alumni and the LSE academic world and with each other, and encouraging recruitment of US students to study at the School.

The AFLSE works in collaboration with:


1. The Office of Advancement at the LSE: Office of Advancement establishes policy with regard to fundraising and alumni relations activities worldwide. Chris Yates, the Director of the Office of Advancement, is responsible for the School’s alumni relations strategy and overseeing alumni programs including events and reunions, the alumni mentoring network, the GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) program, liaison with international groups. In addition, the office maintains a database of LSE alumni, distributes the LSE magazine and seeks to engage alumni in the life of the School.

The School has established an alumni relations program in the UK and is now planning to implement a world wide program. Due to the high numbers of alumni, the first focus of this will be the USA and North America in conjunction with the LSE Foundation in New York and the AFLSE. This will be followed by the launch of a similar program in SE Asia.

The worldwide program and the introduction of an LSE Alumni Association will support the work and encourage membership of volunteer groups worldwide by bringing a coherence to alumni policy and practice around the world and giving the alumni body the opportunity to participate in the LSE School community.


Contact Information:
LSE Advancement, U708
Houghton Street
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7955 7361
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7955 7567

Email Contact:
All alumni enquiries -


2. The LSE Foundation in New York: The Foundation is responsible for ensuring that alumni and friends in North America are informed about the School, and attracting funding to support its mission and current priorities. Tricia Coyle and Liz Hydes work closely with the Office of Advancement at the LSE on the alumni relations strategy for the US and Canada, and are responsible for implementing alumni relations programs and overseeing events sponsored by the School and the Foundation as part of its alumni relations program in North America, often working in collaboration with the AFLSE.


Contact Information:
LSE Foundation and American Fund for LSE
424 West 33rd Street, Ste. 280
New York, NY 10001
212-433-1115 (phone)
212-563-3622 (fax)

The objectives of the AFLSE are to:

* Strengthen the network of LSE alumni in the USA for professional, academic, career and social purposes;

* Award AFLSE scholarships for graduate study at the LSE for US citizens and permanent residents; and

* Support the LSE's development efforts throughout the US with special events and chapter-related activities.


The AFLSE has active chapters across the country. These are listed under the CHAPTERS link on this website with together with current information. Chapter representatives in each of these regions serve as local contacts and strengthen the AFLSE network for alumni and prospective students, organizing socail and other events for alumni and friends in their areas.


Membership in the AFLSE is open to all former students, faculty, and friends of the AFLSE, of all nationalities. It provides:

* Invitations to local chapter events, some with differential pricing for members and non-members;

* AFLSE National e-newsletters for and about alumni and activities;

* Inclusion in, and access to, AFLSE's online Membership Directory;

* Participation in the AFLSE's chapter e-newsletters in most chapters;

* Discount subscription rates to a variety of journals.


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