Board of Directors, Officers & LSE Honorees, Past Presidents

Alumni and Friends of the London School of Economics in the United States (AFLSE) as of April 2018.


Board of Directors

John Casey


Elizabeth Halpern
Vice President


Michael Morris


Mont Rogers


Augi Anagnostos-Paleokrassas
San Francisco Co-Chair


Paige Andrews
Seattle Co-Chair


Connor Galvin
Chapter Coordinator


Osman Khan
Special Interest Group Chair


Bart Alexander
Denver Chair/Nominating Committee Chair


Chris Bodell
New York Co-Chair


Moira Conway
Philadelphia Chair


Sean M. Culhane


Patrick Girasole
Dallas Chair


Thomas E. Kern


Robin Ketro


Michael Lee


Lauren Maffeo
Washington, DC Chair


Clara Montanez


Norm Morneau
Chicago Chair


Blair Nelson-Sanford


Gordon Peterson
Investment Committee Chair


Michael-John Pierce
New York Co-Chair


Edward Price


Margo Rocklin


David Sahr


Mauricio Santana
San Francisco Co-Chair


Ann Imlah Schneider


Mansi Shah
Los Angeles Co-Chair


L. Mark Stone
IT Chair


Guia Gomez Villavicencio
Seattle Co-Chair


Robert Weinberg

Honorary LSE Fellows in the U.S.A.

William J. Baumol
Princeton, New Jersey

Daniel Bell
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Ronald H. Coase
Chicago, Illinois

Joan Eckstein
Princeton, New Jersey

S. Shahid Husain
Washington, District of Columbia

Richard W. Lyman
Palo Alto, California

Peter Paret
Princeton, New Jersey

Robert Rubin
New York, New York

The Honorable
Paul A. Volcker
New York, New York

Wendy Weinberg
Washington, District of Columbia


AFLSE Editorial Board

Mont Rogers Editor in Chief

Fernando Canelas Photographic Editor

Moira Conway AFLSE News Editor

Aimee Germain LSE News Editor

Jennifer Myers Member Communication


AFLSE Investment Committee

Gordon Peterson Chairperson

Sallie Van Tassel Vice Chairperson, Secretary

Michael Morris Treasurer, Ex-officio

John Charman Member

Axel Baeumier Member

Donald Gribbons Member


AFLSE Membership and Affinity Group Committee

Maurice Gritzalis Chairperson

Tricia Coyle LSE Foundation

Raahim Don Hedge Fund Coordinator

Jennifer Hopkins 

Osman Khan Management Consulting Coordinator

Frederic Manuel Real Estate Coordinator

Normand Morneau Media Coordinator


AFLSE Scholarship Committee

Elizabeth Halpern Chairperson

Sean Culhane

Alex Eble

Lauren Maffeo

Bret Noble 

Margo Rocklin 

Richard Stein

Anne Wingate 

Past Presidents of the AFLSE

William Baumol 1970-73

Joan Eckstein 1974-75

Henri Moya 1975-76

Daniel Patrick Moynihan 1977-81

Elizabeth Smith Brownstein 1981-83*

Wendy Weinberg 1983-87

David Sahr 1987-93

Raymond Goodman 1993-95

D. Elizabeth Crompton 1995-99

Ann Imlah Schneider 1999-2003

Patricia Stockton Plaskett 2003-2005

Leon Desbrow 2005-2009

Beth Halpern 2009-2013

Tom Kern 2013-2017

John Casey 2017-current

*Executive Vice President under Daniel Patrick Moynihan 1977-81