Letter from AFLSE President

AFLSE President's letter thanking Professor Craig Calhoun for his leadership.

Dear friends,

With the news that Craig Calhoun will not be seeking a second term as Director of the LSE, I know that all of you join me in extending our thanks and appreciation to Craig for his outstanding service to the School. 

Craig would be the first to remind us that he is not leaving just yet and will be with us through the end of his term in 2017.  He has stated in one of his communications that highest among his priorities during his remaining tenure "is making major improvements in education and the student experience." He has gone on to state that "my goal is that LSE should be as outstanding in teaching as it is in research."  The LSE has seen many fine Directors over the years and each has done his or her part to make the School relevant on the world university stage. Craig has done as much, if not more to accomplish this during his time and we are all grateful for it. I am particularly proud of his commitment to alumni as the integral third leg of the stool alongside the diverse mix of undergraduate, general course and graduate students, and its faculty that represent the cutting edge of social science education and research.

Alumni care about the LSE not only wistfully as we think back to our student days, but also because of our commitment to lifelong learning years after graduation that a connection to the School fosters.  Equally important, we know that with its preeminent status in the academic fields it champions, the LSE can make a difference in the world in addition to its teaching and research via the engagement of faculty and alumni alike in major global issues and public policy.  Craig has articulated and embraced these values over his entire career and with his many fine colleagues at the School has helped facilitate the Institution's continuing evolution as a World Class university.  We commend Craig and the LSE family for this and we offer them our support.

Thomas E Kern, President