LSE Centennial Fund

You can demonstrate philanthropy with a purpose today - #givingtuesday

Alumni and friends of LSE living in North America will be receiving Professor Craig Calhoun’s appeal on behalf of the LSE Centennial Fund. If you haven’t yet seen it, you can view his letter at:

Centennial Fund-supported scholarships helped 42 students from around the world to study at LSE last year demonstrating the human impact of collective support.  Gifts of every amount contribute to a profoundly positive outcome. Through the Centennial Fund you can change a person’s life by enabling them to study at LSE.

Philanthropy also supports innovative research that informs the world through initiatives such as the International Inequalities Institute and the Centre for Women, Peace and Security in the new Institute of Global Affairs. Examples of how the Centennial Fund community of donors come together to help these initiatives can be found at

Celebrate #givingtuesday - show your support for your alma mater today and make a gift online –