AFLSE Membership

AFLSE needs you more than ever! AFLSE is dependent on your membership to maintain and strengthen services to alumni in the U.S.

Ever since its beginning in 1970, the AFLSE has depended on volunteers for its management.  Indeed, help from the School was quite limited because, in contrast with the U.S, U.K. universities had little tradition or experience with alumni relations and, correspondingly, little budget or staff devoted to helping alumni keep in touch with the School and each other.

While LSE has made great strides in this area, AFLSE is dependent on your (modest!) membership contributions to maintain and strengthen its services to LSE alumni in the U.S., services that U.S. institutions normally budget and provide for their alumni.  

Of the 20,000 LSE alumni currently in the U.S., only 5% are AFLSE members.  These 5% support the communications and activities that benefit all alumni in the U.S.  We need to have many more members from among all those who read this message! 

Because current dues rates were set more than a decade ago, our rates will also soon change, to reflect increases in expenses and, hopefully, in the services the AFLSE can offer.  So, if you join before January 1, you will be able to take advantage of current membership rates.  

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