Update from the AFLSE President on the LSE Alumni Leadership Forum

LSE alumni leaders from all over the world will attend the LSE Alumni Leadership Forum in London on September 11 and 12.

Congratulations to the eleven member incoming class of alumni residing in the United States who have been recommended to serve on the LSE's Alumni Association 2015 to 2017 Executive Committee and Subcommittees. This is the largest number of US reps ever named by the School!  The US based representatives are:

* Group Leaders Support Subcommittee: Bruce McDonald and Kathleen Walpole
* Group Establishment, Recognition, and Obligations Subcommittee: Noemi Blasutta (Chair)
* Communications Subcommittee: Lauren Maffeo and Jonathan Orr
* Lifelong Contacts Subcommittee: Desiree Fixler, Adam Raphael, and Roger Schoenman
* Mentoring Subcommittee: Jacob Hipps
* Regional Ambassadors Subcommittee: Beth Halpern
* Executive Committee Vice chair: Tom Kern

Alongside the US representatives named to serve on the Alumni Association itself, the AFLSE will be sending a six person delegation to the Forum.  Voting on constitutional and other matters during the Forum is the responsibility of the national associations.  The AFLSE is one of the few delegations with six votes, based on the number of LSE alumni in the United States. The members of the AFLSE delegation are:

* Beth Halpern (immediate past AFLSE President)
* Tom Kern (current President)
* Connor Galvan (Chapters Coordinator)
* Mont Rogers (Secretary and Atlanta co-chapter leader)
* John Casey (New York City co-chapter leader)
* Robin Ketro (Boston chapter leader)

The September Forum should be one of the most interesting and potentially game changing Forums ever.  LSE Director Craig Calhoun's enhancements to the Office of Advancement have begun to take hold; Chris Yates, its director will have been on board for a year and his many improvements to the Office have become manifested in the appointments, reorientation of strategy, and engagement of alumni that have taken shape under his tenure. 

Additionally, integral to the Office of Advancement's emerging vision for alumni is the reframing of the Alumni Association and its role vis-à-vis the School.  There will be a number of constitutional changes to be debated and voted on by the national associations, many with far reaching implications on how the Alumni Association functions and what kind of interface we can expect from the School with alumni directly and via the national associations operating in a host of countries where LSE graduates live and work. Stay tuned to the next newsletter for a report on what happened!

Tom Kern

AFLSE President