Los Angeles: HBS Women's Network Event

LSE alums and friends are invited to this HBS Association of Southern California "HBS Women's Network Event" event.

HBS Association of Southern California:

"Please join us for an exclusive session on how to secure your future as your career and life priorities evolve. While we all know the importance of planning for the future, many of us do not take the necessary steps to protect what we have worked so hard to create.  Failure to plan and invest is one of the biggest obstacles between you and a secure retirement."

Wednesday, April 15th 2015 at 6:45pm

Join an informative discussion on investment planning as you progress through your career and as your investment needs change. Topics will include:

  • The building blocks of a portfolio
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • A case-study overview: how to save to reach your goals
  • In-depth coverage of options, restricted stock units and incentive stock units and how to manage them

Click here for more information and to register.

Presented by Jean Huang and Stacie Jacobsen from Bernstein Global Wealth Management, a premier investment research and asset management firm.


This is a HBS Association of Southern California event.


  Questions about the AFLSE LA chapter, contact chapter leaders Mansi Shah or Elizabth Botsford at losangeles@aflse.org.