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LSE occupies a unique position among global universities. Please consider investing in the future of LSE.

Philanthropy will shape LSE. 

LSE occupies a unique position among global universities. The School is benchmarked against the finest universities in the world while being held accountable to our founders’ vision of an institution bringing the social sciences to bear on the inequalities of society. We would have it no other way, but it poses a series of challenges.

Our teaching and research must have a purpose for ‘the betterment of society’. We must strive to rank highly in league tables but not become defined by them. And we must engage wider communities as we do so. Through the LSE Centennial Fund you can help us to meet such challenges with confidence.

Gifts from alumni and friends to LSE enhance bold innovations in social science research and public policy engagement. As a member of the LSE alumni community you are a major stakeholder in the School. You can now indicate a preferred area of support for your gift. Each is aligned with LSE’s strategic priorities, and the broader vision of a LSE that remains intellectually innovative and able to attract the best faculty to educate the brightest minds in a campus fit for the 21st century and beyond:

• Strategic initiatives – supporting key School projects such as the Institute for Global Affairs
• Student support – enabling students to study at LSE through New Futures Fund scholarships and bursaries support
• Teaching and research excellence – developing innovative academic projects that characterize the School, such as Above the Parapet which studies gender and public life
• LSE student life – ensuring that an excellent classroom experience is complemented by all aspects of campus life, through student clubs and societies as well as student-organised initiatives

The recent report to donors demonstrates further the impact alumni and friends have on the future of LSE through their gifts. It highlights some of the 76 projects supported in the last academic year and can be found at: 

Please consider investing further in the future of LSE as we create new narratives such as those featured in the report, by making a gift towards your preferred strategic area today.

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A few facts about the LSE Centennial Fund:

• Donations are tax-deductible. The LSE Centennial Fund is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Tax number: 52-1908117

• Checks may be directed to the LSE Centennial Fund, 424 West 33rd Street, Suite. 280, New York, NY 10001.

• Contact the LSE Centennial Fund by phone (646-442-2895) or email ( for general information about other giving methods.

• For more information or to make an online gift to the LSE Centennial Fund, visit: