Denver: Screening of the IMAX film "Jerusalem"

LSE alumnus Richard Swomley is inviting AFLSE Denver chapter members to a screening of the IMAX film "Jerusalem"

Denver Screening of the IMAX film "Jerusalem"
A Special Invitation from Richard and Elaine Swomley

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We would like to invite up to twenty AFLSE members and their guests to be our guests at what we believe will be a most interesting and enjoyable evening. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science has invited Daniel Ferguson, the highly accomplished Director of the timely IMAX film “Jerusalem”, to return to Denver for a special screening on October 1st at 8:00pm, and to discuss with the audience the challenges of producing such a film in the current environment. We do hope you will be our guests for this event.

Last April, Elaine and I had the pleasure of hosting an evening at the Museum with Daniel for the first screening of “Jerusalem”, which was a great success and prompted the Museum’s latest invitation. While we are reminded daily of the conflicts in the Mid East region, this documentary provides a delightful insight into this historical city through the eyes of three young women from long established Jerusalem families, a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew, none of whom could meet before or during the film’s production.

You might find interesting the recent Denver Post article regarding the April 5th screening with Daniel, which is attached. The Post opines that Ferguson is excellent at capturing the essence of this 5000 year old city, in 45 minutes and also in the IMAX format. Both of Daniel’s previous presentations were sold out in advance.

Having worked with Daniel on his earlier highly challenging film, “Journey To Mecca”, Elaine and I are sponsoring this event to introduce Daniel and his great contemporary film to our community, which is one of the most diverse and internationally oriented cities in the country.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience if we can arrange tickets for you to be our guests to “Jerusalem.” We will provide tickets at the Museum.

Our best regards,

Richard and Elaine Swomley


The AFLSE is not a sponser of this event.

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