Los Angeles: HBS Entrepreneurship Event

LSE alums and friends are invited to this HBS Association of Southern California Entrepreneurship Event: Bootstrapping a Start-up from Idea to Sale in 22 Months

HBS Association of Southern California:
"Do want to launch your own business but are worried about raising capital?"  "Have you considered bootstrapping a start-up without raising money?"

"During a time when raising venture capital seems so glamorous, it’s sometimes hard to remember that you can build and sell a successful business without external financing.  While “bootstrapping” a start-up is not without its challenges, it’s sometimes overlooked by entrepreneurs who assume that they need to raise capital."

"Please join us for a very special HBS Entrepreneurship event to hear the story of Paul Boruta (HBS ’04) who launched his business Pipewave – a platform to optimize video advertising on YouTube - in February 2011, with co-founder Jonathan Tushman (also HBS ’04), and sold it to ZEFR in 2012 without ever raising any external financing."

"It’s a remarkable story of bootstrapping a start-up from idea to sale in just 22 months.  Paul’s story is a fascinating one for would-be entrepreneurs who are considering taking the plunge, existing entrepreneurs who are contemplating a capital raise, and capital providers who might be missing out on similar situations to Paul’s.  Originally beginning his career as an equity research analyst, Paul’s story is also an interesting one for anyone looking to making an industry change."
When:  Tuesday, December 10th, 2013, 7:00pm

Where:  V Lounge, 2020 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA

Cost:  HBS Alumni members (free); non-members ($20)
Register now as space is limited!


This is a HBS Association of Southern California event.


  Questions about the AFLSE LA chapter, contact chapter leaders Mansi Shah or Elizabth Botsford at losangeles@aflse.org.