New LSE Blog Launched on American Politics

A new blog from the LSE Public Policy Group called USApp will explore American politics and policy.

Following is a letter on USApp from Chris Gilson, Managing Editor: 

On September 2nd, the LSE launched a new blog venture, USApp- American Politics and Policy (  USApp’s central mission is to increase the public understanding of social science in the context of American politics and policymaking. Our focus is broad-based and multidisciplinary, covering all aspects of governance, economics, politics, culture and society in the United States, and in its continental neighbors, Canada and Mexico. We also cover domestic politics in the United States at the level of states and major cities, and encompass the full range of American social, urban and regional issues.

Since launching, USApp has already posted more than 100 articles on many aspects of American government and politics. Contributors have included LSE academics and others from across the U.S. and Europe.  

Here are some recent contributions from LSE authors:

USApp posts at least two articles every weekday, an American politics blog round up every Friday, and academic book reviews on Sundays. Here’s how you can get involved and follow our content:

• Follow us on Twitter: @LSEUSAblog
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We’re also encouraging submissions of posts on American politics and policy issues from 800 to 1,000 words long that are communicated in an accessible way. Click here for more details.

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