AFLSE Leaders Attend LSE Alumni Forum

LSE alumni leaders from 35 countries attended the forum in London on September 13 and 14, 2013.

Alumni group leaders from 35 countries, including representatives from the AFLSE, attended the LSE Alumni Association Leadership Forum at the LSE on September 13 and 14.

Representatives from the various LSE alumni groups heard updates from the school's leaders and from the LSE Alumni Association, including reports from subcommittees staffed by alumni volunteers working in areas such as alumni communications, group leader support, alumni engagement and programs, and alumni mentoring.  Representatives also shared ideas for activities to unite alumni and support the school around the world.

LSE Director Craig Calhoun opened the forum with a very inspiring talk about the current state and future of the school.  He said efforts are underway to renew and invigorate the founding spirit of the school, which is to be the kind of school that reaches out and tackles problems.  The school is currently recruiting the best social sciences faculty as well as seeking to provide the best teaching in social sciences, and is seeking to expand scholarships so that the school remains open to the best students from across the globe.

While in London, AFLSE leaders met with LSE student Thaddeus Jahn, Vice-President of the recently re-established LSE Students' Union USA Society.  This society sponsors a number of programs for American students in London and other students interested in the USA.  Alumni are welcome to follow society activities or attend activities if in London.  Visit their Facebook page to keep up with activities:

Pictured below on the left are AFLSE President-elect Tom Kern, AFLSE current President Beth Halpern and Tricia Coyle, the LSE's Director of Alumni Relations for North America.  On the right, Tom Kern and Beth Halpern meet with Thaddeus Jahn.


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