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Will you help to ensure that LSE remains distinctive in all it does? Your participation means a great deal to LSE.

LSE is your university. You are part of an institution with a proud tradition of understanding the causes of things.  It’s more than a motto: the School is unrivaled in harnessing excellent teaching and research to analyze the causes of, and propose solutions to, the manifold social, political and economic challenges faced by society.

Without philanthropy, there would be no LSE.

LSE was originally founded by a small community with a vision, on the back of a bequest, for the betterment of society.  The School is extremely fortunate to have an engaged donor community who help to make its work possible.

Philanthropic support permeates every level of the School, supporting both large projects and smaller student-led initiatives. Your gift to the LSE Centennial Fund helps students enduring financial hardship, supports campus improvements, enhances the academic experience and enables student societies to reach out to the student body. 

Please make your gift by July 31 – the end of our financial year.

The gesture of giving back to your university perpetuates the School’s founding principles, placing philanthropy at the core of what we do, while demonstrating what LSE means to you.

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LSE Centennial Fund
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LSE Centennial Fund is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.
All gifts made in the United States through the LSE Centennial Fund are tax deductible. Tax number: 52-1908117