Volunteer to Serve LSE Alumni Association

Alumni with relevant skills and expertise are sought to help drive various projects.

Interested in volunteering for the LSE Alumni Association?  Apply for a role today!

Applications are now open for volunteer roles within the LSE Alumni Association for the 2013-15 term of office. The roles being recruited for are:

Executive Committee
• Chair
• Vice Chair

• Chair
• Members

There are six Sub-Committees whose work is led by the Executive Committee:
• Communications
• Group Establishment, Recognition and Obligations
• Group Leaders' Support
• Life-Long Contacts
• Mentoring
• Regional Ambassadors

Please review the role descriptions for further information about each position:  http://www.alumni.lse.ac.uk/olc/pub/LHE/aag/aag_24.html.

Guidelines provided by the Nominations Committee can be found at the following site:  http://www.alumni.lse.ac.uk/olc/pub/LHE/aag/aag_23.html.  

Diverse candidates for the Executive Committee and Sub-Committees are sought.  Also, all Alumni Association positions are unpaid volunteering positions.

If you would like to participate, please complete this application form: https://www.alumni.lse.ac.uk/olc/membersonly/LHE/event/showEventForm.jsp?form_id=151224

Applications are open through June.