Alumnus Gives One Million Dollars to LSE

Erich and Audrey Spangenberg pledge one million dollars towards the entrepreneurship initiative at LSE.

LSE graduate Erich Spangenberg and his wife, Audrey, have pledged one million dollars towards the entrepreneurship initiative at LSE.

The gift will provide seed money for student business ideas as well as support for entrepreneurship activities at LSE which may include idea generation, learning and development, networking, mentoring, and incubation and support services.

"When asked, Erich will invariably say that LSE was a transformational experience for him. Graduating with distinction, it dawned on him that he could compete on the highest levels and there really were no relevant bounds in pursuing his entrepreneurial aspirations.  We believe strongly that there needs to be more opportunity for students to achieve exposure to entrepreneurship and greater access for a globally more diverse group of students. LSE is the best platform in the world to cultivate excellence in entrepreneurship. It is our sincere hope that our gift will permit more LSE students to have the opportunity to come to the same realization and set upon a journey to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams,"  Audrey Spangenberg, Chairman of The Spangenberg Family Foundation, said. 

Erich and Audrey Spangenberg are based in Dallas, Texas.