AFLSE Scholarship Awarded for 2013- 14

The AFLSE Scholarship for 2013- 14, covering tuition costs for a year of graduate study at the LSE, has been awarded to McKenzie Hyde.

The AFLSE is pleased to announce that McKenzie Hyde is the recipient of the AFLSE Scholarship for 2013-2014.

McKenzie Hyde graduated in December 2012 from the Honors Program at Eastern Connecticut State University with a B.A. in Political Science as well as minors in Spanish and Peace and Human Rights. She was a member of the University Honors College and served as the student assistant for the President of the University. While at Eastern, she was a member of the Student Government Association and also co-founded her own nonprofit called Raise Her Voice Inc.

McKenzie has interned in the United States Senate offices of Senator Joseph Lieberman and Senator Richard Blumenthal―specifically, with the U.S. Senate Caucus to end human trafficking affiliated with the Don’t Sell Bodies organization. She also served as an intern for the Chris Murphy United States Senate Campaign and in the Office of the Attorney General.

McKenzie has traveled to Ghana, Africa where she spent the summer teaching English in the local slums and orphanages. She has also spent a summer in Haiti, rebuilding infrastructure, building schools and working on water sanitation systems with an organization called All Hands. After graduating, McKenzie is now spending six months in Pune, India. Her recent honors thesis, “Unraveling Sex Trafficking Policy in India: A Case Study of Political Discourse on Trafficking in India”, landed her a position to present at the Northeastern Political Science Association conference in Boston, Massachusetts on a PhD panel—an uncommon position to be in as an undergraduate student, as well as an internship in India. She is working with the Deep Griha Society, an incredible organizations that has programs in education, women’s empowerment, and rural development. Specifically, she is working in Pune’s Red Light District with trafficked victims previously enslaved in brothels and bringing healing through safe homes and rehabilitation. McKenzie’s research interests include identity constructions of women in anti-trafficking policy, postcolonial and postmodern feminist discourse, and contextualizing the third world manifested in policy, cultural barriers that exist due to the lack of education and gender inequalities―all of which is tempered in her drive to pursue international development studies in the third world.

LSE has always been her dream.

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