LSE's Donors and Scholars Reception

AFLSE and this year's AFLSE scholarship recipient will be recognized at LSE's Donors and Scholars Reception.

AFLSE and AFLSE Scholarship recipient Max Scott will be recognized at LSE's Donors and Scholars Reception on March 4, 2013. The Donors and Scholars Reception is an annual event at LSE that celebrates the impact scholarships have on the lives of recipients and on the School.

AFLSE has supported American students at LSE for more than 35 years through its scholarship program.  Each year, a committee of volunteer alumni selects a scholar based on academic merit and financial need. The scholarship currently funds one year of study in a taught master's program.

The AFLSE Scholarship for 2012-2013 is held by Max Scott, a 2012 graduate of Arizona State University. Max is studying for a Master of Science in International Relations at LSE and hopes to work in public service after graduation. Profiles of Max and past scholarship recipients and information about the AFLSE Scholarship are on the AFLSE's website at