AFLSE Scholarship for 2012- 13 Awarded

The AFLSE Scholarship for 2012- 13, covering tuition costs for a year of graduate study at the LSE, has been awarded to Max Scott.

The AFLSE is pleased to announce that Max Scott is the recipient of the AFLSE Scholarship for 2012-2013.

Max is from Mesa, Arizona and studied both Sustainability and Political Science at Arizona State University.

Ever since he was a child, he was motivated from within to contribute to causes greater than himself. In this spirit, he founded the Honor Society for Sustainability at Arizona State University and co-founded a student run sustainability consultancy called "Greenlight Solutions." He also worked for a number of organizations that allowed him to push for positive societal outcomes directly, both as a remote logistics firefighter and care provider for the mentally disabled as well as an aviation support crewman for an emergency services contractor.

At Arizona State, Max won the Student Leader of the Year Award in 2012. He is committed to public service and wants to serve his country as a foreign service officer in the US State Department.

He is studying International Relations at the LSE and hopes to work in the federal government, NGO's, or think tanks that will allow him to pursue his goal of working to promote the greater good.

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